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Psychometric software: Stronger exams in less time

Improve assessment validity and reduce test development time by automating your work with industry-leading psychometric software.

edit test assembly using psychometric software

What is Psychometric Software?

Psychometrics is the Science of Assessment.  That is, it is scientifically studying how to better developanalyze, and score assessments.

Our psychometric software helps you develop stronger assessments by applying best practices and advanced analytics into your workflow. It will also save you time by automating the menial tasks.

Flag the confusing items. Evaluate reliability. Set defensible cutscores.


Automates the work of a psychometrician by creating classical test theory reports in Word, with all images and tables already inserted; extensive reliability analysis, subscore analysis, and distractor analysis


Complete item response theory analysis with a user-friendly UI that lets anyone learn IRT. Moreover, it automatically creates reports as a Word document, with all images and tables already inserted!


Performs CAT simulation research essential for development of adaptive tests; simulation studies predict how a CAT will perform for your org and provide crucial validity evidence


Automated test assembly allows you to easily assemble fixed forms that are parallel with respect to content, statistics, and equating blocks; TestAssembler saves many hours of manual labor!


A single, comprehensive ecosystem for developing and delivering high quality assessments. Advanced psychometrics injected throughout the entire lifecycle, including polytomous IRT! is our next-gen platform for assessment development, designed to be smarter; includes automated item generation, automated Iteman reporting, and more.

Free psychometric software

For specific tasks or learning more about psychometrics


Software For Investigating Fraud in Testing: find security issues like copiers, cheating, bad test centers, and brain dumps


A free spreadsheet for basic psychometric analysis; designed for those just learning concepts like discrimination and reliability

IRT Scoring Spreadsheet

Confused about how IRT can score people on a z-like metric? This shows everything graphically, in real time.

Contrasting Groups Tool

This helps you set a defensible cutscore with the Contrasting Groups Method.

Classical Form Assembly Tool

Assemble parallel linear forms with respect to difficulty, Angoffs, and reliability.

Angoff Analysis Tool

Set defensible cutscores. Evaluate important aspects like Beuk Compromise and inter-rater reliability.