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Stackable Credentials

Stackable credentials refer to the practice of accumulating a series of credentials such as certifications or microcredentials over time.  In today’s rapidly evolving job market, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for career success. Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with a diverse set of skills and qualifications. This has given rise to the concept […]


What is a psychometric test? 

Psychometric tests are assessments of people to measure psychological attributes such as personality or intelligence. Over the past century, psychometric tests have played an increasingly important part in revolutionizing how we approach important fields such as education, psychiatry, and recruitment.  One of the main reasons why psychometric tests have become popular in corporate recruitment and […]

How students cheat in online exams and how to catch them

Cheating in exams has always been a major concern, even before the major shift to online proctored exams. According to a study done in 2007, 60.8% of college students involved admitted to cheating while a whooping 95% not getting caught! Heartbreaking! Right? Another article also revealed that even renowned institutions such as Harvard and Yale turn out to be fragile when it came to academic integrity. This is just but a tip of the iceberg

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Paper-and-Pencil Testing: Still around?

Paper-and-pencil testing used to be the only way to deliver assessments at scale. The introduction of computer-based testing (CBT) in the 1980s was a revelation – higher fidelity item types, immediate scoring & feedback, and scalability all changed with the advent of the personal computer and then later the internet.  Delivery mechanisms including remote proctoring […]

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HR Assessment Software

HR assessment software is everywhere, but there is a huge range in quality, as well as a wide range in the type of assessment that it is designed for. HR assessment platforms help companies create effective assessments, thus saving valuable resources, improving candidate experience & quality, providing more accurate and actionable information about human capital, […]

Post-Training Assessment

Post-training assessment is an integral part of improving the performance and productivity of employees. To gauge the effectiveness of the training, assessments are the go-to solution for many businesses.  They ensure transfer and retention of the training knowledge, provide feedback to employees, and can be used for evaluations.  At the aggregate level, they help determine […]

Seguridad en exámenes y pruebas en línea

La seguridad y validez de las pruebas y exámenes en línea son extremadamente importantes.  La pandemia COVID-19 está cambiando drásticamente todos los aspectos de nuestro mundo, y una de las áreas más afectadas es la evaluación educativa y otros tipos de evaluación. Muchas organizaciones aún realizaban pruebas con metodologías de hace 50 años, como colocar […]

¿Qué es la vigilancia (proctoring) en línea?

La vigilancia en línea existe desde hace más de una década. Pero dado el reciente brote de COVID-19, las instituciones educativas y de fuerza laboral / certificación están luchando por cambiar sus operaciones, y una gran parte de esto es un aumento increíble en la vigilancia en línea. Esta publicación de blog está destinada a […]

Certification Program Management

Professional certification programs that allow participants to validate their knowledge and skills abound in the U.S. and around the world. Examples range from long-standing, well-recognized teacher certification and CPR programs to more niche and cutting-edge offerings, such as the Project Management Professional and Amazon Web Services credentials. Candidates are often pursuing some combination of new […]