Remote Proctoring in Pre-Employment Testing

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Online remote proctoring software is seeing increased usage in the workplace. It provides a secure way to test job applicants without having them come into the office.  But how useful is remote proctoring in pre-employment testing? The technology has made testing more accurate, cheaper, and easier for employers. In this article, we will give you […]

How to Pass an Online Proctored Exam

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An online proctored exam is one that you take online and has either a person or algorithm to watch video of you, to ensure the integrity of your score as well as protect the exam itself (posting exam items on the internet is downright theft).  Online proctored exams have existed for at least a decade, […]

7 creative ways students cheat in online proctored exams & how to stop them

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Cheating in exams has always been a major concern, even before the major shift to online proctored exams. According to a study done in 2007, 60.8% of college students involved admitted to cheating while a whooping 95% not getting caught! Heartbreaking! Right? Another article also revealed that even renowned institutions such as Harvard and Yale turn out to be fragile when it came to academic integrity. This is just but a tip of the iceberg

Are Offline Exams Still Worth it in 2021?

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Before the introduction of online exams in the education sector, the mentioning of the word ‘exams’ was met with anxiety. Exams were limited to four walls and you could cut the tension in the exam center with a razor. The furious scribbling of papers, the sharp glances from the hawk-eyed invigilators, and the constant ticking […]

The Definitive Guide To Choosing The Right Pre-Employment Testing Software

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  Finding good employees in an overcrowded market is a daunting task. In fact, according to research by Career builder, 74% of employers admit to hiring the wrong employees. Bad hires are not only expensive, but can also adversely affect cultural dynamics in the workforce. This is where pre-employment assessment software shows its value. Pre-employment […]

AI Remote Proctoring: How Does It Work?


AI remote proctoring has seen an incredible increase of usage during the COVID pandemic. ASC works with a very wide range of clients, with a wide range of remote proctoring needs, and therefore we partner with a range of remote proctoring vendors that match to our clients’ needs, and in some cases bring on a […]

Digital Assessment Security Best Practices and Techniques


Digital assessment security is a highly discussed topic in the Ed-Tech community. The use of digital assessments in education has led to increased concerns about academic integrity. While digital assessments have more advantages than the outdated pen-paper method, they are open to a lot of criticism in relation to academic integrity concerns. However, cheating can […]

Flagging potential exam cheating with Time-Score analysis

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Psychometric forensics is a surprisingly deep and complex field.  Many of the indices are incredibly sophisticated, but a good high-level and simple analysis to start with is overall time vs. scores, which I call Time-Score Analysis.  This approach uses simple flagging on two easily interpretable metrics (total test time in minutes and number correct raw score) […]

How can psychometric consulting Improve your assessments?

Psychometrics is the cornerstone of any high-quality assessment program.  However, most organizations can’t afford an in-house Ph.D. psychometrician, which then necessitates the search for psychometric consulting.  Most organizations, when first searching, are new to the topic and not sure what role the psychometrician plays.  In this article, we’ll talk about how psychometricians and their tools […]

7 Technology Hacks to deliver assessments more securely

​So, yeah, the use of “hacks” in the title is definitely on the ironic and gratuitous side, but there is still a point to be made: are you making full use of current technology to keep your tests secure?  Gone are the days when you are limited to linear test forms on paper in physical […]