MultiStage Testing

Easily develop adaptive multistage tests and deliver to students for efficient, effective assessment

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Implement your own multistage testing

1. Develop your item banks using items calibrated with item response theory
2. Assemble a test with multiple sections
3. Evaluate the test information functions for each testlet
4. Publish for immediate online delivery!


What is multistage testing?

Multistage Testing is similar to adaptive testing, in that the difficulty of the exam is dynamically personalized for each student.  But while adaptive testing works by adapting each item one by one using item response theory, multistage works in blocks of items.  This can be useful for strict content controls, management of item bank usage, or presentation of items that must be delivered in groups (e.g., reading passage testlet).

Why multistage testing?

Item-by-item adaptive testing isn’t the best fit for all assessments – especially those that naturally tend towards testlets, such as language assessments where there is a reading passage with 3-5 associated questions.  Multistage testing allows you to realize some of the well-known benefits of adaptive testing, with more control over content and exposure.