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Item Review Workflow

Reduce test development timelines and increase item quality with a dedicated Item Review module.  Create your review fields, give assignments with deadlines to users, and analyze the results.

Item banking

Developing a high-quality item bank is an extremely involved process, and authoring of the items is just the first step.  Items need to go through a defined workflow, with multiple people providing item review.  For example, you might require all items to be reviewed by another content expert, a psychometrician, an editor, and a bias reviewer.  Each needs to give their input and pass the item along to the next in line.

Workflow management is well-recognized as an essential step in project management.  Just like no software development project would be done without a system to assign tickets to developers, no high-quality exam should be built without item review.

An additional step, often at the same time, is standard setting.  One of the most common approaches is called the modified-Angoff method, which requires you to obtain a difficulty rating from a team of experts for each item.  The Item Review interfaces excel in managing this process as well, saving you all the effort of manually managing that process!

FastTest Item Review

Create Workflow

Specify your stages and how items can move between them

Define your review fields

These are special item metadata fields that require input from multiple users

Move new items into the workflow

Once an item is written, it is ready for review

Assign items to users

Assign the item in the UI, with the option to send an email

Users perform reviews

They can read the item, interact as a student would, and then leave feedback and other metadata in the review fields; then push the item down the line

Admins evaluate/export the results

Admins can evaluate the results and decide if an item needs revision, or if it can be considered released.