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An Educational Assessment Platform Built For Professionals

Our educational assessment platform empowers you to build and manage world-class exams that drive student success. Improve measurement with modern psychometrics, reduce test development effort, and maintain security.

Item Banking

Manage teams to develop high-quality items, leveraging customizable workflow and versioning

Online Essay Marking

Easily mark large volumes of essays or other open-response items, including multi-marker rules

Scalable Delivery

Deliver paper or online tests in large volumes, with dozens of item types and a range of security options

Smarter Psychometrics

Adaptive testing, multistage testing, item response theory – make your tests smarter and faster

Improve Student Assessment with Psychometrics

Maximize accuracy and efficiency of exams with computerized adaptive testing, multistage testing, item response theory, scaled scoring, automated tech reports… the real stuff.

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multistage testing

How we improve educational assessment

Summative or Formative Assessments

Customize to any type of assessment, from Grade 3 math quizzes up to national university admissions exams

60+ item types

Improve engagement and fidelity with spoken response, video response, drag and drop, cloze, matrices, and many more.

Item banking

Streamline the development and management of large item banks, with role/content access for your users

Item Review Workflow

Establish a custom workflow for items to move through, ensuring high quality content.

Deliver securely

Protect the integrity of your exam: remote proctoring, examinee passwords, proctor codes, time/date windows, lockdown browser, and more.

Who we work with

Our educational assessment platform can benefit any organization that needs high-quality assessment, whether it is advanced psychometrics, top-shelf security, or innovative item types.  Here are some of the groups we have worked with:

item review workflow

Manage the entire assessment lifecycle

Many educational assessment platforms provide basic functionality for exams.  Most of them are quite limited.  In addition to delivering exams, true assessment platforms should include item banking, item review workflow, support for Standard Setting studies, test publishing, automated psychometric reporting, and the rest of the educational assessment lifecycle.

Formative or Summative Assessment

High-quality educational assessment platforms can be used for many types of assessment. Our platforms work equally well with formative assessment and summative assessment. Whether you are doing benchmark online exams for students, or high-stakes exams like university admissions or certificate/achievement exams, we have the solution.

Formative assessment refers to assessment as part of the learning process, such as benchmark exams given halfway through a school year to see where a student stands so that instruction can be better directed; the test is not used to make any real decisions such as pass/fail. Summative assessment on the other hand is done at the end of learning, and usually has some sort of decision like pass/fail. However, in many cases, the decision is at an aggregate level and not about the individual student, like state-based exams at the end of 8th grade to see if students are mastering the curriculum, or if the curriculum (or instructional practices) need to be changed.

You control access for your users, and all aspects of how the test is delivered – lockdown browser, proctoring, entry into the exam, time limits, navigation controls, and tons more.

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essay scoring

Integrated module for online essay marking

If your educational assessments include essay questions, you need an efficient way to grade them.  Our platform includes an integrated module that allows teachers to view the essays (anonymously or non-anonymously), leave marks on customized rubrics, and flag issue/exemplar essays.  This will drastically reduce the time and effort needed to grade essays.

Get in touch with one of our assessment consultants to learn more.