Improve Student Learning with Modern Methods of Educational Assessment

Powerful, scalable solutions for educational assessment – cloud or on-premise

Deliver high-stakes or large-scale exams with confidence

Maximize your psychometrics with IRT, CAT, and LOFT

Who we work with

Our educational assessment solutions can benefit any organization that needs high-quality assessment, whether it is advanced psychometrics, top-shelf security, or innovative item types.  Here are some of the groups we have worked with:

  • National ministries of assessment – nationwide assessments
  • University admissions/placement exams
  • Large school districts – formative benchmark assessments
  • Summative assessments for graduate/professional school

test information function

Advanced psychometrics for educational assessment

  • Leverage CTT and IRT to build reliable, defensible tests.
  • Set cutscores using the modified-Angoff approach.
  • Improve test security with adaptive testing (CAT) or linear-on-the-fly (LOFT) delivery.
  • Linear or normative scaled scoring conversion.
  • Innovate with 60+ tech-enhanced items like drag-and-drop, essay, and fill-in-the-blank.
  • Review items with workflow management to improve content quality.
  • Support validity with storage of extensive metadata, including custom fields and statistics.
  • Intuitive, modern interface with customizability and widgets like protractors.
  • Scalable security: you define if the test has an open link, password protection, lockdown browser, virtual proctoring, or secure test centers.

Cloud or On-Premise

Our powerful assessment platforms can be provided on the cloud (SaaS) or on-premise.

  • Cloud-native application with highly scalable test engine on best-in-class Amazon servers.
  • FastTest: Secure platform that can be on the cloud or installed on-premise or on a private cloud in your country

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