Case Study: Escuela Superior de Administración Pública (ESAP), Colombia

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ASC partners with Escuela Superior de Administración Pública (ESAP) to develop and securely deliver nationwide civil service exams in Colombia as well as admissions exams for educational programs in the field of civil service.  We worked together to provide a comprehensive solution to modernize these assessments when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Learn more below! Requirements […] Passes Audit for FISMA / FedRAMP

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ASC is proud to announce that we have successfully passed an audit for FISMA / FedRAMP Moderate, demonstrating our extremely high security standards for our online assessment platform!  FISMA and FedRAMP are both security protocols that are required to provide cloud-based software to the United States government, based on the National Institute of Standards and […]

Remote Proctoring Privacy Webinar

Remote Proctoring Privacy Webinar

FREE WEBINAR: Privacy in the New World of Remote Proctoring ASC hosted a free webinar at Sept 9 at 9am (US Eastern), with a panel of experts discuss issues in Remote Proctoring Privacy. Rachel Schoenig: Chief Science Officer, Examity Don Kassner: CEO, MonitorEDU Dmitriy Istomin: CEO, Examus As the pandemic continues into another school year […]

California Department of Human Resources Selects Assessment Systems Corporation as Vendor for Online Assessment Platform

California Department of Human Resources Selects Assessment Systems Corporation

The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR, has selected Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC, as its vendor for an online assessment platform. CalHR is responsible for the personnel selection and hiring of many job roles for the State, and delivers hundreds of thousands of tests per year to job applicants. CalHR seeks to migrate to a […]

Learn About Tech Innovation With Dr. Nathan Thompson On The EdNorth EdTech Podcast

EdNorth EdTech Podcast

Nathan Thompson, Ph.D., was recently invited to talk about ASC and the future of educational assessment on the Ednorth EdTech Podcast. EdNorth is an association dedicated to continuing the long history of innovation in educational technology that has been rooted in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (Minneapolis / Saint Paul). Click below to listen online, […]

The Role of Subject Matter Experts in Certification Testing

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Subject matter experts (SMEs) play a critical role in the the development and management of certification programs.  Certification Managers and Psychometricians are also critical, but they are typically outsiders to the profession, and have to rely on the subject matter experts for anything that requires knowledge of the content or profession.  This post provides an […]

Integrating Moodle with FastTest

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The traditional Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to serve as a portal between educators and their learners. Platforms like Moodle are successful in facilitating cooperative online learning in a number of groundbreaking ways: course management, interactive discussion boards, assignment submissions, and delivery of learning content. While all of this is great, we’ve yet to […]

How Beyoncé Sold Me on Computerized Adaptive Testing

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Desperation is seldom fun to see. Some years ago, having recently released our online marking functionality I was reviewing some of the functionality in a customer workspace I was intrigued to see “Beyonce??” mentioned in a marker’s comments on an essay. The student’s essay was evaluating some poetry and had completely misunderstood the use of […]

2017 Psychometrics Seminar and CIIE Conference

One of the best aspects of my position is the opportunity to travel the world and talk with many experts about psychometrics and educational assessment.  In December 2017, I was lucky enough to travel to Monterrey, Mexico, with the dual purpose of a conference and a Psychometrics Seminar.  It was an exciting week that taught […]