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Benefits of adaptive testing

Computerized adaptive testing ( CAT, adaptive testing, computer-adaptive testing, and adaptive assessment) is an AI-based technology that has existed since the 1980s. But, most assessments in the world still don’t capitalize on the benefits of adaptive testing. There is, of course, a  large body of scientific research on the topic over the past 40+ years, […]

Norm-Referenced vs. Criterion-Referenced Testing

The two terms Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced are commonly used to describe tests, exams, and assessments.  They are often some of the first concepts learned when studying assessment and psychometrics. Norm-referenced means that we are referencing how your score compares to other people.  Criterion-referenced means that we are referencing how your score compares to a criterion […]

The point-biserial item discrimination

Item discrimination is a psychometric concept regarding the quality of a test item, and the point-biserial coefficient is one of several indices for this concept. What is item discrimination? While the word “discrimination” has a negative connotation, it is actually a really good thing for an item to have.  It means that it is differentiating […]

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California Department of Human Resources Selects Assessment Systems Corporation as Vendor for Online Assessment Platform

The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR, calhr.ca.gov/) has selected Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC, assess.com) as its vendor for an online assessment platform. CalHR is responsible for the personnel selection and hiring of many job roles for the State, and delivers hundreds of thousands of tests per year to job applicants. CalHR seeks to migrate to a […]


Learn About Tech Innovation With Dr. Nathan Thompson On The EdNorth EdTech Podcast

Nathan Thompson, Ph.D., was recently invited to talk about ASC and the future of educational assessment on the Ednorth EdTech Podcast. EdNorth is an association dedicated to continuing the long history of innovation in educational technology that has been rooted in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (Minneapolis / Saint Paul). Click below to listen online, […]

ASC Welcomes Assessment Industry Veteran, Giulia Bianchi, as Assessment Solutions Consultant

Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC; https://assess.com) announced today that Giulia Bianchi has joined the team as an Assessment Solutions Consultant. Giulia has a strong background in the assessment industry, with 6 years of experience in sales, marketing, and operations for International Testing and Training Services Ltd (https://www.ittservices.net/). Giulia helped grow ITTS from its infancy into a […]

Assess.ai named as a Finalist in the 2021 EdTech Awards

We are proud to announce that ASC’s next-generation platform, Assess.ai, was recently announced as a Finalist for the 2021 EdTech Awards. This follows the successful launch of the landmark platform in 2020, where it quickly garnered attention as a finalist for the Innovation award at the 2020 conference of the Association of Test Publishers. What […]