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¿Qué es la vigilancia (proctoring) en línea?

La vigilancia en línea existe desde hace más de una década. Pero dado el reciente brote de COVID-19, las instituciones educativas y de fuerza laboral / certificación están luchando por cambiar sus operaciones, y una gran parte de esto es un aumento increíble en la vigilancia en línea. Esta publicación de blog está destinada a […]

Certification Program Management

Professional certification programs that allow participants to validate their knowledge and skills abound in the U.S. and around the world. Examples range from long-standing, well-recognized teacher certification and CPR programs to more niche and cutting-edge offerings, such as the Project Management Professional and Amazon Web Services credentials. Candidates are often pursuing some combination of new […]

Certification Test Development: Best Practices

We get asked all the time at Assessment Systems Corporation: What are the steps involved in certification test development? What are the best practices that lead to a sound exam that can meet accreditation standards? There are a number of key steps.  But first of all, what is certification test development? What is Certification Test […]

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Integrating Moodle with FastTest

The traditional Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to serve as a portal between educators and their learners. Platforms like Moodle are successful in facilitating cooperative online learning in a number of groundbreaking ways: course management, interactive discussion boards, assignment submissions, and delivery of learning content. While all of this is great, we’ve yet to […]

Understanding FastTest’s Annual Certification/ Recertification Report

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) is a group that accredits certification programs.  Basically, many of the professional associations that had certifications (e.g., Certified Professional Widgetmaker) banded together to form a super-association, which then established an accreditation arm to ensure that certifications were of high quality – as there are many professional certifications in […]