AI in Education

AI in Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to address some challenges that education deals with today, through innovation of teaching and learning processes. By applying AI in education technologies, educators can determine student needs more precisely, keep students more engaged, improve learning, and adapt teaching accordingly to boost learning outcomes. A process of utilizing AI in education […]

Gamification in Learning & Assessment

gamification in learning and assessment

Gamification in assessment and psychometrics presents new opportunities for ways to improve the quality of exams. While the majority of adults perceive games with caution because of their detrimental effect on youngsters’ minds causing addiction, they can be extremely beneficial for learning and assessment if employed thoughtfully. Gamification does not only provide learners with multiple […]

Multistage Testing


Multistage testing (MST) is a type of computerized adaptive testing (CAT).  This means it is an exam delivered on computers which dynamically personalize it for each examinee or student.  Typically, this is done with respect to the difficulty of the questions, by making the exam easier for lower-ability students and harder for high-ability students.  Doing […]

Speeded vs Power Test

Educational assessment in math - students taking a test

The concept of Speeded vs Power Test is one of the ways of differentiating psychometric or educational assessments. In the context of educational measurement and depending on the assessment goals and time constraints, tests are categorized as speeded and power. There is also the concept of a Timed test, which is really a Power test. […]

Educational Assessment of Mathematics: An Introduction

Equation editor item type

Educational assessment of Mathematics achievement is a critical aspect of most educational ministries and programmes across the world.  One might say that all subjects at school are equally important and that would be relatively true. However, Mathematics stands out amongst the remaining ones, because it is more than just an academic subject. Here are three reasons […]

Psychometrics: What is it?

psychometrics- Ruthson Zimmerman on UNsplash

Psychometrics is the science of educational/psychological testing, to drive reliability and validity.  It studies how tests are developed, delivered, and scored. Psychometricians tackle fundamental questions around assessment, such as how to determine if a test is reliable or if a question is of good quality, as well as much more complex questions like those listed […]

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE Exam)


An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE Exam) is an assessment designed to measure performance of tasks, typically medical, in a high-fidelity way.  It is more a test of skill than knowledge.  For example, I used to work at a certification board for ophthalmic assistants; there were 3 levels, and the top two levels included both a […]

What is automated essay scoring?

student writing essay

Automated essay scoring is an important application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the field of psychometrics and assessment.  In fact, it’s been around far longer than “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” have been buzzwords in the general public!  The field of psychometrics has been doing such groundbreaking work for decades. So how does […]

What makes a test biased or unfair?

bias scales

One of the primary goals of psychometrics and assessment research is to ensure that tests, their scores, and interpretations of the scores, are reliable, valid, and fair. The concepts of reliability and validity are discussed quite often and are well-defined, but what do we mean when we say that a test is fair or unfair? […]

Progress Monitoring in Education

Progress Monitoring in Education

Progress monitoring is an essential component of a modern educational system.  Are you interested in tracking learners’ academic achievements during a period of learning, such as a school year? Then you need to design a valid and reliable progress monitoring system that would enable educators assist students in achieving a performance target. Progress monitoring is […]