Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE Exam)


An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE Exam) is an assessment designed to measure performance of tasks, typically medical, in a high-fidelity way.  It is more a test of skill than knowledge.  For example, I used to work at a certification board for ophthalmic assistants; there were 3 levels, and the top two levels included both a knowledge […]

What is automated essay scoring?

student writing essay

Automated essay scoring is an important application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the field of psychometrics and assessment.  In fact, it’s been around far longer than “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” have been buzzwords in the general public!  The field of psychometrics has been doing such groundbreaking work for decades. So how does […]

What makes a test biased or unfair?

bias scales

One of the primary goals of psychometrics and assessment research is to ensure that tests, their scores, and interpretations of the scores, are reliable, valid, and fair. The concepts of reliability and validity are discussed quite often and are well-defined, but what do we mean when we say that a test is fair or unfair? […]

Progress Monitoring in Education

Progress Monitoring in Education

Progress monitoring is an essential component of a modern educational system.  Are you interested in tracking learners’ academic achievements during a period of learning, such as a school year? Then you need to design a valid and reliable progress monitoring system that would enable educators assist students in achieving a performance target. Progress monitoring is […]

What is vertical scaling?

vertical scaling

Laila Issayeva, MS Nathan Thompson, PhD Vertical scaling is the process of placing scores from educational assessments measuring same/similar knowledge domains but at different ability levels onto a common scale (Tong & Kolen, 2008). The most common example is putting Mathematics and Language assessments for K-12 onto a single scale. While general information about scaling […]

What is test equating?

test equating

Laila Issayeva, MSc Nathan Thompson, PhD Test equating refers to the issue of defensibly translating scores from one test form to another.  That is, if you have an exam where half of students see one set of items while the other half see a different set, how do you know that a score of 70 […]

The Bookmark Method of Standard Setting

bookmark method meeting

Authors:  Laila Issayeva, MS Nathan Thompson, PhD   The Bookmark Method of standard setting (Lewis, Mitzel, & Green, 1996) is a scientifically-based approach to setting cutscores on an examination. It allows stakeholders of an assessment to make decisions and classifications about examinees that are constructive rather than arbitrary (e.g., 70%), meet the goals of the […]

What is an assessment / test battery?

assessment test battery

A test battery or assessment battery is a set multiple psychometrically-distinct exams delivered in one administration.  In some cases, these are various tests that are cobbled together for related purposes, such as a psychologist testing a 8 year old child on their intelligence, anxiety, and autism spectrum.  However, in many cases it is a single […]

Are Offline Exams Still Worth it in 2021?

Offline Exams

Before the introduction of online exams in the education sector, the mentioning of the word ‘exams’ was met with anxiety. Exams were limited to four walls and you could cut the tension in the exam center with a razor. The furious scribbling of papers, the sharp glances from the hawk-eyed invigilators, and the constant ticking […]

5 tips to develop online exams that are fair and accurate

5 tips and strategies to create effective online assessments

Assessment is an important part of the learning process as it helps enhance the quality of learning outcomes. With the increased adoption of online assessments, especially during and after the Covid-19 pandemic,  it is important to put in place practices that ease the development of effective online assessments. This is because well-crafted online assessments positively […]