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vertical scaling

What is vertical scaling?

Vertical scaling is the process of placing scores from educational assessments measuring same/similar knowledge domains but at different ability levels onto a common scale (Tong

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test equating

What is test equating?

Test equating refers to the issue of defensibly translating scores from one test form to another.  That is, if you have an exam where half

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Positive Manifold - job analysis

What is the Positive Manifold?

Positive manifold refers to the fact that scores on cognitive assessment tend to correlate very highly with each other, indicating a common latent dimension that

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Certification and Licensure – What is the difference

Certification vs Licensure Exams

Certification and Licensure are two terms that are used quite frequently to refer to examinations that someone has to pass to demonstrate skills in a

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What is a psychometric test

What is a psychometric test? 

Psychometric tests are assessments of people to measure psychological attributes such as personality or intelligence. Over the past century, psychometric tests have played an increasingly

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cheat online proctored exams
Test Security

Online proctored exams: How to catch cheating

Cheating in exams has always been a major concern, even before the major shift to online proctored exams. According to a study done in 2007, 60.8% of college students involved admitted to cheating while a whooping 95% not getting caught! Heartbreaking! Right? Another article also revealed that even renowned institutions such as Harvard and Yale turn out to be fragile when it came to academic integrity. This is just but a tip of the iceberg

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psychometrician laptop

The Rasch model

The Rasch model, also known as the one-parameter logistic model, was developed by Danish mathematician Georg Rasch and published in 1960.  Over the ensuing years

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