The Adaptive SAT; what does that mean?

students taking tests

The College Board announced in January 2022 that it was planning to finally migrate the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) from paper-and-pencil to computerized delivery.  Moreover, it would make the tests “adaptive.”  But what does it mean to have an adaptive SAT? What is the SAT? The SAT is the most commonly used exam for university […]

Are Offline Exams Still Worth it in 2021?

Offline Exams

Before the introduction of online exams in the education sector, the mentioning of the word ‘exams’ was met with anxiety. Exams were limited to four walls and you could cut the tension in the exam center with a razor. The furious scribbling of papers, the sharp glances from the hawk-eyed invigilators, and the constant ticking […]

5 tips to develop online exams that are fair and accurate

5 tips and strategies to create effective online assessments

Assessment is an important part of the learning process as it helps enhance the quality of learning outcomes. With the increased adoption of online assessments, especially during and after the Covid-19 pandemic,  it is important to put in place practices that ease the development of effective online assessments. This is because well-crafted online assessments positively […]

Digital Assessment Security Best Practices and Techniques


Digital assessment security is a highly discussed topic in the Ed-Tech community. The use of digital assessments in education has led to increased concerns about academic integrity. While digital assessments have more advantages than the outdated pen-paper method, they are open to a lot of criticism in relation to academic integrity concerns. However, cheating can […]

Computerized adaptive testing: Definition, Algorithm, Benefits


Computerized adaptive testing: What is it? Computerized adaptive testing is an algorithm that drives how a test is delivered.  It is coded into a software platform, using the machine-learning approach of IRT to select items and score examinees.  The algorithm proceeds in a loop until the test is complete. The steps in the diagram above are […]

MICROCAT: What was assessment like in the 1980s?

old computer

ASC has been empowering organizations to develop better assessments since 1979.  Curious as to how things were back then?  Below is a copy of our newsletter from 1988, long before the days of sharing news via email and social media!  Our platform at the time was named MICROCAT.  This later became modernized to FastTest PC […]

How can psychometric consulting Improve your assessments?

Psychometrics is the cornerstone of any high-quality assessment program.  However, most organizations can’t afford an in-house Ph.D. psychometrician, which then necessitates the search for psychometric consulting.  Most organizations, when first searching, are new to the topic and not sure what role the psychometrician plays.  In this article, we’ll talk about how psychometricians and their tools […]

ProctorExam and ASC Partner to Offer a Unique Approach for Online Proctoring

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ProctorExam and ASC have partnered to offer a much more secure solution for online test administration, which more and more organizations will need in our changing world of technology and online learning. This is because security requires a multi-layered approach: in addition to streaming a webcam, there is also screen capture, and use of a […]

How do I develop a computerized adaptive test?


Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) has been around since the 1970s and is well-known for the benefits it can provide, most notably that it can reduce testing time 50-90% with no loss of measurement precision.  Developing a sound, defensible CAT is not easy, but our goal is to make it as easy as possible – that […]

What is monte carlo simulation in adaptive testing?

adaptive testing simulation

Simulation studies are an essential step in the development of a computerized adaptive test (CAT) that is defensible and meets the needs of your organization or other stakeholders. There are three types of simulations: monte carlo, real data (post hoc), and hybrid. Monte Carlo simulation is the most general-purpose approach, and the one most often […]